1: Women in Pure and Applied Sciences

  • Biological Sciences.
  • Mathematical Sciences.
  • Physical Sciences.
  • Chemical and Engineering Sciences.

2: Women in Technical Institutes

  • Prospects and Challenges.
  • Enhancement of women participation.

3: Gender Equilibrium in Research and Academics

  • Sensitising the Mindset of Society.
  • Promoting Conducive Atmosphere at Work Place.
  • Bridging Career Breaks.

4: Women and Sustainable Agriculture

  • Natural and Organic Farming.
  • Pesticides and Preservatives.
  • Agri- indus (Agriculture based industries).

5: Women in Environmental Protection

  • Natural Resource Conservation.
  • Ecosystem Management.
  • Energy Management.

6: Women in Responsible Production and Consumption

  • Enhancing participation for Implementation of Government Flagship Policies.
  • Role of MSMEs for Promoting Eco-friendly Technologies.
  • Promotion of Women Entrepreneurship & Women Innovators.

7: Women in Health & Lifestyle Management

  • Wellness and Happiness Quotient.
  • Mental, Physical, Social, Nutritional and Spiritual Health with emphasis on Traditional Health Practices

8: Women and Socio- Cultural Development & Indigenous Practices

  • Women as epitome of Cultural Sustainability.
  • Indigenous Practices.
  • Women as Pillars of Society.