Orientation Activities

Orientation Activities

SHAKTI works for all round development of the women. Under the orientation programme SHAKTI plays special attention right from child birth to child development to adolescent health and also on the other aspects like career guidance, skills, health (physiology) & lifestyle, food &nutrition, family & social responsibilities, values & life skills, legal rights & self-defense, personality & behavior etc.

Following are the two major activities getting carried out under the Orientation Activities

(a) Progeny: A Generation Enrichment initiative to transmit, inculcate and imbibe enhanced set of social and cultural values in our future progeny for the betterment of society as a whole. The execution plan includes comprehensively designed education and practice program for preconception and antenatal period. The programme includes young couples. It is extensive a three stage program. The details can be seen through website.

(b) Yuva Shakti Abhiyan: YSAis an initiative to help adolescents grow into socially aware, empowered YOUTH who are aware of the social issues & is motivated to find a solution. The execution plan includes a 7 day workshop for creating an overall awareness among young girls regarding studies, vocation, grooming, etiquettes, values & career. This ORIENTATION ACTIVITIES 04 programme is focused from school to under graduate students.

These programmes are getting carried out in selected units of SHAKTI.