Women Health Activity

Women Health Activity

The patriarchal structure of Indian society remains one of the biggest challenges to the healthy development of women and girls. The shame and myths associated with menstruation, the secondary treatment meted out to girl child, the nutritional biases which a female faces from her childhood, ignorance, illiteracy, lack of resources and inability to take decisions are some of the factors which impact women’s health. In rural area besides the health problems due to poor hygiene during menstruation, the lack or unaffordability of facilities and appropriate sanitary products may push menstruating girls temporarily or sometimes permanently out of school, having a negative impact on their right to education.

In addition to these predicaments the effect of women’s multiple roles on her health is still to be recognized by women herself. SHAKTI believes that when there is a complete recognition of what work women actually do and in what circumstances she accomplishes it, only then it will be possible to examine her health profiles in the context of her work field.

SHAKTI has series of programmes specially focused on the women and their health; some are highly dedicated for the rural and tribal women.

Few of the objectives can be highlighted as

  • To establish low cost effective health and hygiene aid units like production of women Sanitary products and smoke less cooking  systems managed by rural women or Self Help Groups.
  • To improve the economic conditions of women  &  create  opportunities for augmenting their income.
  • To create awareness among rural girls & women on issues of  Hygiene Management.
  • To provide quality infrastructure for Menstrual  Hygiene Management in rural area.
  • To design and execute integrated approach of stress management and uplifting quality of life among women.

Under the Women Health Activities, SHAKTI conducts following programme as and when it is possible in various units

(a) General Health checkup & Awareness camps.

(b) Anemia & Hb % checkup & Awareness camps.

(c) Personal Hygiene checkup & Awareness camps.

(d) Bone density checkup& Awareness camps.

(e) Blood Glucose & Thyroid checkup & Awareness camps.

(f) Breast – Uterus Cancer Awareness camps.

(g) Diet & Nutrition camps.

(h) Ayur Jeevan Awareness camp.

(i) Awareness on Occupational Health Hazards among Women.