Shakti Kerala

Shakti Kerala

Registered: On 24-Aug-2011 Shakti Kerala got independently registered body

Establish: SHAKTI – A National Movement for women, started by ‘Vijnana Bharati’ in the year 2003. SHAKTI recognizes the importance of women in the society and aims to provide a platform to contribute for the total development of the nation. SHAKTI works with the women of kindred spirit and tries to awake for their unseen potential and abilities which can bring social, economic and cultural change in the society and change the perception about women. SHAKTI tries to ensure the involvement of women from various fraternities to formulate and design the beneficial mechanisms and systems for the various women empowerment through the intervention of Science and Technology.


Name Position Email Id Phone No.
Dr. Prema A K President 9446469337
Er..Leena D.Mohan Secretary 9846190515

Preventing Ecological Degradation For Sustainable Development In Kothad Island, Cochin Backwater

One of the Main Project undertaken by Shakti Kerala is: “Preventing ecological degradation for sustainable development in Kothad island, Cochin Backwater” sponsored by Kerala State Council For Science Technology And Enviornment (KSCSTE).

The Organizing Persons are

Programme Co-ordinator: Dr. Rosamma Stephen, Former President, SHAKTI KERALA (Scientist- F, Retd. NIO Kochi)
Co-coordinator: Dr. Nirmala Padmanabhan, Head, Dept. of Economics, St. Teresa’s College, Ernakulam

Goals/ Objectives of the Programme

  • To create awareness among the rural public not to throw solid waste in their surroundings in general and backwaters in particular
  • To create awareness to keep the waters surrounding the island clean healthy and productive for posterity
  • To initiate cleaning with the help of residents/ kudumbasree & Students
  • To prevent the residents from emptying their drainage into the backwaters
  • To stop burning plastic and e-waste which is injurious to health
  • To impart this culture through the school students with the help of documentaries and film show
  • To practice the first principle of waste reduction specially with reference to plastic carry bags.
  • To train the women and students to substitute plastic bags with self-stitched cloth bags out of old clothes.

Subject Areas Covered

  • Importance of clean environment and conservation of biodiversity
  • Menace of plastic waste
  • segregation and proper disposal of unavoidable solid waste
  • recycling of old textiles
  • Need for proper drainage
  • Health and hygiene of residents

Activities Undertaken

Awareness class to Housewives ,Kudumbasree members and residents at panchayat hall on 27-09-2017

Awareness and Training on making eco-friendly cloth bags on 28-09-2017

Shakti members providing new sweaing mechine

Motivational and demonstration class for students of HSS of Jesus ,Kothad on 11-10-2017 forenoon

Inaugural function Of The Project At Kadamakudy Panchayath

The Honourable MLA of Vypeen Shri.S.Sharma inaugurated the function. Motivational class for students and training for PTA members of GVHSS, Kadamakudy on 24-10-2017

Waste audit in houses selected at random

Before the intervention of Shakti Kerala, waste was dumped in open ground, and adjacent to small canals as seen in the photographs.

Waste segregation -house to house campaign by Shakti members On 21-02-2018

Kudumbasree members and labourers were engaged in waste segregation.

Benthos work done at Kothad island on 11th April 2018

Benthos work was done under the supervision of Dr. Rosamma Stephen, Project coordinator. The soil and water was taken for analysis to the laboratory with the guidance of Dr. Rosamma.

The provision of Bio-Bins on 17.12.2018

The project was successfully completed by supplying Bio- Bins (2 each) for depositing bio-waste in the Primary Health Centre and in the Infant Jesus High School, Kothad.

Training given to school students for making ‘T’ shirt bags on 24.01.2019

We also conducted training for the new batch of students to make ecofriendly carry bags from old T shirts as a part of our effort to prevent plastic carry bags and promote degradable cloth bags.

Achievements of The Project

  • The students and the residents were given awareness to protect the environment by avoiding plastics with the help of documentaries and film show.
  • The public was made to understand the damages caused by indiscriminate dumping of waste in the surroundings leading to ecological degradation.
  • Familiarized the residents with green protocol.
  • The housewives were initiated into a culture of managing their own waste so as to reduce the harmful effect of discarding plastic in the surrounding and in water bodies.
  • A behavioral change in the attitude of the islanders to conserve the productivity of the water bodies so as to get more prawns and fishes from the paddy fields and canals.
  • Reuse of old textiles implemented and income generation by stitching cloth bags was initiated to housewives

Estabilishing unit of Ecofriendly Bags Central Jail At Viyyur,Thrissur.

SHAKTI KERALA proposal on Ecofriendly Sanitary Napkin Manufacturing unit on 14th June 2017 at Women Prison & Correctional Home, Viyyur, Thrissur.

Sister Nivedita’s 150th Birth Anniversary

Inaugration of the function by R. Hari, Scholar & former Rashtriya Bhoudhik Pramukh, Rashtriya Swahamsevak Sangh.

Shakti Bags First Sale On Science Congress

The First Presentation and Supply of Eco-Friendly bags made by SHAKTI Kerala to Swadeshi Science Congress on 7th – 9th November 2017 at Amritha School of Engineering,Kollam. One of the Malayalam film star Sri. Suresh Gopinathan buy our bags and he well appreciated Shakti for exhibiting eco-friendly bags.

Urja Kiran 2017 – 2018 : Supported By Centre For Environment And Deveopment & Energy Management Centre

Urja Kiran programme organized by Shakti Kerala at 3 districts of kerala state.Urja kiran programmes conducted at Kasaragod, Ernakulam and Alappuzha

Shakti Nsdc 2018

Shakti Kerala organized National Science Day Celebrations at Department of Zoology, Chemistry, Botany & Physics ,The Cochin College on 27th February 2018.

Shakti Sthapana Diwas

SHAKTI STHAPANA DIVAS was celebrated on April 8th, Sunday 2018 at at the ACS English medium Higher Secondary School, Kaloor. On the occasion, ”Shakti Prerna Puraskar” was given to Dr.Chitrathara Gangadharan, senior cancer surgeon, for her comprehensive contributions towards medical treatment, awareness and community service.

Shakti Abhyas Varga

SHAKTHI Kerala unit conducted its 1st State level Abhyas Varga on 4th and 5th January 2019 at Bhaskareeyam , Kochi, Kerala. 50 number of participants attended this varga. This varga was conducted in 2 days. Each day there were 6 sessions each.

On Going Projects

Preventing ecological degradation for sustainable development in Kothad island, Cochin Backwater” sponsored byKerala State Council For Science Technology.

  • Benthos work is in Progress

C- Activities Taken For Kerala Flood Relief

IX . Rebuilding Palathuruth

Action plans for rebuild the flood affected areas. Bag Stitching training. SHAKTI KERALA initiated for rebuild the palathuruth and tekkethuruth by introducing Eco-Friendly bags stitching programme to them.

Action plans for rebuild the flood affected areas. Bag Stitching training.

SHAKTI KERALA initiated for rebuild the palathuruth and tekkethuruth by introducing Eco-Friendly bags stitching programme to them.