Social Development Activity

Social Development Activity

Social development is about putting people at the center of development. In a way, it means a commitment that development processes need to benefit people but not only the poor but everyone. The way they interact in groups and society, and the norms that facilitates such interaction should shape development processes.

SHAKTI targets to fulfill following objectives towards Social  Development

  • To prepare children to contribute for development of society.
  • Guide them to operate by equipping them with necessary social skills.
  • To establish and continuously attempt to develop partnerships  between schools – students, parents and communities.
  • To include students in decision making at every stage includes identification of problems, the study of feasibility, planning,  implementation and evaluation.
  • Designing strategies to implement developmental programs and dividing responsibilities among participants.

Above objectives are getting fulfilled through following Activities by SHAKTI’s various units

(a) Vigyan  Samvad: It is one such program which brings experts in various disciplines and the masses on a common platform. The program aims at expanding the horizons of scientific knowledge to house wives, students and also to all who are all the way far away from this knowledge.

 (b) Saksham: Training on Leadership skill for women in grass root level administration. Women can play an extremely pivotal point in the process of change in the rural areas. Women’s entry into Panchayat raj Institutions, both as members as well as heads of Panchayats, has pushed/included them into the policy-making and policy-implementation process in a very big way. However, due to lack of information, skills, and proper education they are unable to perform efficiently. Therefore, this training program designed to educate and empower them so that they can resolve issues efficiently and bring real change in the rural areas. Objective is to enhance Effective leadership in Rural Women and their qualitative participation.

(c) Students for Society (Humse Hai Badlav): This programme is specially focused for the students from class 10 to 12 standard.Here the girl students are motivated for their participation in community development. It provides them with a learning experience that facilitates the transition from school to community. In this action oriented program, girl students utilize their enhanced skill and take lead in community development.