Progeny (Peedhi Sanskaar)


A Generation Enrichment initiative to transmit, inculcate and imbibe enhanced set of social and cultural values in our future progeny for the betterment of society as a whole.


Stage I

  • Awareness workshop for general public.(3 hrs)
  • What is child planning?
  • Why Child Planning is important?
  • How it can be achieved?

Stage II

  • Individual (Youth) or Couple counseling.
  • Registration for elaborate training program.

Stage III

  • Marriage & Genetic counseling.
  • Preconception course.
  • Pregnancy I-trimester course.
  • Pregnancy II-trimester course.
  • Pregnancy III-trimester course.
  • Child Birth & Newborn care special course (one week).

Mother’s Day Celebration on 8 May 2016 Dist Police Bhandara Awareness Workshop on Progeny Planning