Women in Pure and Applied Science
  • Biological Sciences.
  • Mathematical Sciences.
  • Physical Sciences.
  • Chemical and Engineering Sciences.
Women in Technical Institutes
  • Prospects and Challenges.
  • Enhancement of women participation.
Gender Equilibrium in Research and Academics
  • Sensitising the Mindset of Society.
  • Promoting Conducive Atmosphere at Work Place.
  • Bridging Career Breaks.
Women and Sustainable Agriculture
  • Natural and Organic Farming.
  • Pesticides and Preservatives.
  • Agri- indus (Agriculture based industries).
Women in Environmental Protection
  • Women in Natural Resource Conservation.
  • Women in Ecosystem Management.
  • Women in Energy Management.
Role of Women in Responsible Production and Consumption
  • Enhancing participation for Implementation of Government Flagship Policies.
  • Role of MSMEs for Promoting Eco-friendly Technologies.
  • Promotion of Women Entrepreneurship & Women Innovators.
Lifestyle Management
  • Wellness and Happiness Quotient.
  • Women Health- Mental, Physical and Spiritual.
Women and Socio - Cultural Development & Indigenous Practices
  • Women as epitome of Cultural Sustainability.
  • Indigenous Practices.
  • Women as Pillars of Society.
About Conference
Throughout history, the central role of Women in society was to ensure the stability, progress and long-term development of our nation, besides sharing the primary responsibility for nutrition, child care and household management. They were also active in environmental management. Indian woman has been the epitome of sustainability of the age-old culture and are the forerunner of continuum of traditional knowledge which is very relevant till age and proven to be most scientific by the modern world.
About Organisers

The conference will be organised in collaboration with Departments, Institutes who have made significant impacts in the society through technology development and popularization. For each theme (Agriculture / Fisheries / Biotechnology / Health and Nutrition / Humanities / IT / Engineering / Fashion and Apparels) the key Institutes will be collaborating.

Jawaharlal Nehru University is the venue of the conference.

Venue 1st July to 3rd July 2020
JNU Campus
New Delhi
Mega Expo
  • STREE 2020 will host a Mega Expo on Women - who ignite ideas and enlighten to live with opportunities. This three day event is a unique show of the Products, Services, and Skills focused on women friendly technologies, for women and by women.
  • Stalls by different Organizations / Institutions on Women Friendly Technologies & Schemes will be showcased.
  • Demonstration & Sale of products developed by women entrepreneurs across India.
STREE 2020 Awards
  • “STREE - 2020” Award for outstanding women in social cause through science and technology.
  • Other Awards will be presented for
    • Best Innovative Entrepreneur
    • Best Paper
    • Best Poster
    • Best stall in Expo
    • Best NGO/Institute for women friendly technology
Nominations for the awards can be sent to stree42020@gmail.com with the subject STREE 2020 Awards Nomination.