About Conference


Throughout history, the central role of Women in society was to ensure the stability, progress and long-term development of our nation, besides sharing the primary responsibility for nutrition, child care and household management. They were also active in environmental management.

Indian woman has been the epitome of sustainability of the age-old culture and are the forerunner of continuum of traditional knowledge which is very relevant till age and proven to be most scientific by the modern world. Influence of western civilisation might disrupt this flow, the need to conserve and enlighten younger generation about this valuable treasure is of prime importance. As Vivekananda has said “Given education and opportunity, Indian women can lead the whole world. Indian perspective and civilisation can be a pathway towards the journey of harmony and peace for the entire race of human beings.”

Today, with the ushering of financial independence and employment and entrepreneurship opportunities, women across urban and rural areas are proving their mettle, giving vital lessons of sustainable development to the world in the process.Therefore, it is paramount to make them equipped and enrich with modern techniques and related scientific advancement to elevate their outcome in nation development. In fact, a holistic approach with the interrelationship between the natural, the governmental, the economic and the social dimensions along with tool of science and technology can contribute to solutions.

This could be more specific in terms of Science, Technology and Innovation (STI) and the role of Women to be effectively implemented and monitored. The participation and creativity of women & men as well as the new advances in scientific knowledge, discoveries and innovations are required for long term sustainable development.

India is celebrating 75 years of independence, as Prime Minister Narendra Modiji has said, “The 75th Independence Day will be a tribute to the martyrs of the country and a resolve to build an India of their dreams. It will have a glimpse of the pride of Sanatan India and the glow of modern India as well. “Based on the five pillars, freedom struggle, ideas, achievements, actions and resolves at 75 and emphasis on public participation, Shakti has selected the themes which encompass all women representatives guest speakers from various sector.

With this consideration, SHAKTI – A National Movement for Women initiates STREE, (Science Technology Research and Entrepreneurship Enhancement) a continuum to converge and uplift participation of women from all sectors aiming National Development. STREE 2020 is the first edition conducting National Conference and Expo on “Role of Women in Science &Technology for Sustainable Development” incollaboration with Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi.