Objective of the Conference


  1. To bring the scientists, entrepreneurs, academicians, NGOs, SHGs on the same platform to share their experiences, suggestions, opinions and vision.
  2. To formulate a roadmap for time bound achievement of goal of sustainable development.
  3. To further increase the participation of women in achieving sustainable development goals by extending the outreach to women in general through development of scientific temper.
  4. To bring forth and render due credit to the efforts and innovations made by women in India across all the fields those were hitherto hidden or remained unnoticed but can bring about great change in the manner sustainable development is perceived by the world.
  5. To showcase the glorious history of Indian culture which having been led by women has the ethos of sustainable development at the very core of its heart.
  6. To encourage dissemination of scientific innovations and technologies by women scientists.
  7. To promote more community participation for the development of society with the intervention of science and technology.
  8. Increase interaction and promote networking and exchange between women scientists, women activists and women entrepreneurs from across the country.
  9. Increase understanding of the role of science and technology in supporting women’s critical role in sustainable development.