SHAKTI, a national movement for women spread across India believes in a holistic approach in rejuvenating our society and therefore opines that to make a constructive change, men & women should work together. In an egalitarian society where the mind is without fear, confidence comes from the ability to use knowledge for the greater good of the society. Shakti is determined to overcome centuries of orthodoxy and bring into the mainstream, the women of India who are the backbone of the nation. Shakti is committed to awaken and augment the latent talent and innovative capacity in women and make them an intrinsic element in the development and progress of the Society & Nation through the efficient and proven contrivance of Science and Technology.

SHAKTI envisage India as inequality free developed nation and to sustain the development it wants its women be a constructive and creative part of the foundation along with her complementary part.

In its initial years since 2003 when SHAKTI came into existence as Shakti, 'A National Movement for Women', initiated by 'Vijnana Bharati' Shakti has succeeded in uniting a creative force in various parts of India to reach out required change and advancement of society.

Objectives of SHAKTI

1. To motivate women
2. To educate
3. To empower
4. To disseminate scientific knowledge
5. To create awareness about societal issues
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